Severdigheten Olympos i Kemer, Tyrkia

It is considered that Olympos as a Lykia city was established during Hellenistic Period. It is among the 6 major cities that has three voting rights within Lykia Union.

This city was eliminated from Klikian pirates at the beginning of AC 1st century and Roman Empire dominated this location after that period. Olympos was very popular during AC. 1st and 2nd centuries.

Unblinking flame very near to it in Lykia and Hephaestus culture concerning this makes the city very famous in ancient history.


However after AC. 3rd century piracy has started again and continuous depredations and attacks made the city pooper.

Fortified castles were constructed by Venice, Genoese and Rhodes chevaliers in Olympos within this period. It was left completely after 15th century.

City was established over the two sides of a river flowing to the sea. River was a channel and landing deck during ancient times in order to provide transportation.


Olympos is the mountain of mythological Gods. Olympos is the mountain of Zeus, God of Gods, and Gods come together on it and make decisions.

There are unblinking flames on this mountain. You can watch any kind of view that will satisfy your needs from the foothill of Tahtali Mountain that you can reach after 8km mountain road from Tekirova. Phaselis, Olympos and Yanartaş Çıralı complete this beautiful landscape.

The reason to call this place as “Yanartaş” is the flames still burning today. According to mythological stories, Bellerophantes coming from god blood came to the place Çıralı (as called today) by the sea travel and he is the one to first explore this region.*


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