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Lycian Way Hike

Lycian Way1st day: Antalya
Transfer from Antalya airport to hotel in Antalya

2nd day: Hisarcandır – Göynük
Today we have a short transfer from hotel to our start point at Hisarcandır. 25 km.
Hisarcandır is approx 500 m. above sea level.

The walk is through beautiful pine forest and the terrain can be a little rocky. We walk up to an altitude of 1.500 m and descend in to Göynük. Finishing at sea level. About 5 hours walk (approx 16 km walk)

3rd day: Göynük Yayla – Gedeleme
Start walking from Göynük. We cross the river (water levels maybe high in spring) and follow the river up the gorge and we cross over a small bridge. We then walk uphill following the path.


We arrive at the top of the hill after walking approx 2.5 hours. After a picnic lunch we start downhill following the path again. After a walk about 30 minutes we will pass a small river and start the final part of our walk to Göynük Yayla. Here we will be met by our bus and transfer to Gedelme.
Altitude walk about 6 hours (approx 16 km.)

4th day: Gedeleme – Mt.Olympos – Beycik – Çıralı
Early start for the optional climb of Mt Olympos, now known as Mt Tahtalı (2.388 m), with superb views along the coast from the summit ridge.
Those who opt to do the summit (weather permitting) will set out at approx. 5 in the morning and those just going over the saddle will start a couple of hours later.

We descend via a mule path to the village of Beycik. (7-9 hours walking). Finally we transfer to our pension in Cıralı.
5th day: Çıralı – Ulupınar – Chimera – Çıralı Today we have a short transfer from Çıralı to Ulupınar. We walk from Ulupınar to the Chimera with brilliant scenery and good walking along old trails and shepherds paths.

With views of Mount Olympos and the Mediterranean, we visit the site of the Chimaera (the “Chimaera” being a mythical fire-breathing monster). In legend Bellerophon on his winged horse Pegasus, defeated this terrible monster.

At the site there are 12 to 15 flames, which have been burning for thousands of years. After visiting the chimera we carry on downwards and are rewarded with a swim at Çıralı beach.


6th day: Çıralı – Olympos – Mt.Musa – Adrasan
We will start the day exploring the ruins at Olympos, which was one of the most important cities in the Lycian Union. We then climb overgrown hairpins, under strawberry trees and over the saddle of Musa Dag (Moses Mountain).

We descend in to Adrasan on an old mule trail through the forest and past deserted farmhouses (approx 15 km)

7th day: Adrasan
Walking today starts off on a rocky footpath through the pine forest for about 1 hour. This section is uphill but you are rewarded for your efforts by fantastic sea views on your left at the top.

We continue undulating until we reach a point with views of Gelidonia lighthouse. The last 4 km is downhill until we actually reach the lighthouse. We transfer back to hotel in Adrasan. Read more about The Lycian Way

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